Third Party Parenting Program


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Third Party Parenting Program

HRC has been at the forefront of developing and expanding the option of egg donation and gestational surrogacy since 1988. HRC presently has one of the largest and most successful third party parenting programs in the world.

With the ability to retrieve eggs from one woman and then successfully implant embryos into another, reproductive possibilities have become a reality for couples with previously insolvable problems.

The development of third party conception has broadened parenthood capabilities for infertile couples. Egg donation is vital for patients who have ovarian failure, surgical castration or prior chemotherapy. Egg donation allows the father to contribute genetically and gives the recipient mother the opportunity to carry the baby.

With gestational surrogacy, the resulting offspring is genetically related to the couple and the use of a carrier often spares the genetic mother from serious medical problems that may be initiated or exacerbated by a pregnancy. It is also useful for patients, who were exposed to DES, have undergone a hysterectomy or have a congenital absence of the uterus but whose ovaries are preserved. A gestational surrogate might also be beneficial for women who have had multiple miscarriages.

Over the past several years, HRC’s third party parenting program has continued to thrive and our services are currently being used by patients from across the country and around the globe. Out-of-town patients are monitored where they live utilizing HRC’s protocols and their cycle is synchronized with either their donor or carrier, thereby reducing expenses and increasing efficacy. This process also cuts down on travel expenses and minimizes the emotional toll, as patients are able to spend less time away from home.

HRC focuses a great deal on comprehensive medical and psychological preconception assessment and evaluation of all patients participating in our third party parenting program. This includes the screening of all egg donors and gestational surrogates along with their sexual partners, and the genetic parents and/or recipient couples.

HRC collaborates with outside agencies for recruitment of donors and surrogates. These agencies offer an invaluable service to HRC and our patients as they aid in the process of recruiting and matching quality egg donors with recipient couples. Many couples who previously might have moved towards adoption are now considering third party parenting program as a possible alternative. Egg donation gives these couples the ability to maintain a genetic link to their child as well as control the prenatal environment.

HRC’s successful frozen embryo program increases the efficiency and success of our third party parenting cycles.

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