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Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

If the cause of infertility is suspected to be the quality of the cervical mucus or an inability of The sperm to move toward the egg quickly enough, intrauterine insemination can be attempted. By passing the cervix, sperm are deposited directly into the uterus, where they swim toward the fallopian tubes.

Dr. John Norian and his incredible staff at HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga will carefully monitor all IUI cycles and are trained to adjust medication dosages appropriately to minimize the risk of multiple births. Sometimes an IUI cycle may be cancelled or converted to an IVF cycle if the risk of multiple births is too great. It is unusual for high order multiples to result from IVF because the physician controls the number of embryos transferred to the uterus.

For more detailed information on the IUI process and for medication information, please visit the HRC Fertility main website HavingBabies.com or call the HRC Rancho Cucamonga offices directly at (909) 941-1120.