Embryology Staff


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The HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga Embryology Staff

HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga Embryology TeamHaving the latest technology, vast experience, and clinical laboratory skills are all extremely important in the success of the infertility process. The HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga Embryology staff work closely as a team with Dr. Norian and his support staff with a goal of achieving the highest level of service to our patients. Extensively trained in specialized laboratory techniques, our embryologists are responsible for preparation of sperm, fertilization of eggs in the laboratory, and for the development of embryos until it is time to transfer them into the uterus. Dr. Norian and his staff supervise the entire process.

The HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga embryology laboratory offers many assisted reproductive technology procedures including ICSI, assisted hatching, PGD, blastocyst transfer and more. Below are our embryology team with their bios coming soon.  For additional questions about our embryology and laboratory services or to set up an initial consultation, please contact us via our online form or call us at (909) 941-1120.


Tih Tan - Embryologist / Laboratory Director

Lindsay Dearden - Embryologist

Tih Tan - HRC Fertility Rancho Cucamonga Embryologist

Raphael Ruiz de Assin Alonso - Embryologist

Lisa Guan - Embryologist